Bear Valley is formed by Bear Creek, which flows south and drains into Cache Creek. This photo of Bear Creek was taken south of the Valley. The pink shrubs growing on the bank are Smallflower Tamarisk.

Flower field in Bear Valley. Most of the land in the valley is private, and used for cattle ranching. Flowers may be viewed only from the road.

My partner Jeff, and his gear.

Field of Tidy Tips on the Keegan Ranch at the north end of Bear Valey. The owners of this ranch do allow visitors to walk into their field.

One of two horses that wandered near us while we were photographing the flowers on the Keegan Ranch.

The next set of photos are from our day trip down the coast from Daly City to Santa Cruz along Highway 1. This cliff view is from the northern part of the drive.

Bean Hollow State Beach

We spent considerable time wandering around the Bean Hollow State Beach area. We saw a lot of this plant, Dudleya Farinosa. It's also known as Bluff Lettuce, Powdery Liveforever, and Powdery Dudleya.

Seals (and Sea Lions?) sunning themselves on the rocks at Bean Hollow State Beach.