Rocky Mountain National Park Vacation

In August and September 2010, Jeff and I spent two weeks visiting Rocky Mountain National Park. The park is in north-central Colorado, a couple of hours northwest of Denver. The continental divide runs through the park, splitting it into two areas with distinctly different climates. The area west of the divide is wetter and heavily forested, while the area east of the divide is drier. US highway 34 runs through the park, from Grand Lake at the southwest to Estes Park on the east. The highway reaches just over 12,000 feet at its highest point.

Below is a list of the places we visited.

West Side
East Side
Green Mountain - Onahu Creek loop
Bear Lake to Nymph and Dream Lakes
Ute Trail from the Alpine Visitor's Center
Glacier Gorge Trailhead to Mills Lake
East Inlet trail from Grand Lake to Adams Falls
Bear Lake to Bierstadt Lake
Arapahoe National Wildlife Refuge
Lumpy Ridge Trailhead to Gem Lake
Colorado River Trail towards Lulu City
Wild Basin Trailhead to Ouzel Falls
Cub Lake Trailhead to Cub Lake

To see a detailed map of the park and/or view the photographs from the trip, click on the links below.

Rocky Mountain National Park Map
West Side Photos       East Side Photos