Glacier National Park Vacation

In August and September 2006, Jeff and I spent 1 1/2 weeks vacationing in Glacier National Park, in northwestern Montana. We spent a lot of time visting the central areas of the park, and also spent a few days some of the more remote western and eastern areas. Below is a map to help get you oriented, and following that are brief descriptions of the places we visited. To view the pictures we took, click in the outlined areas of the map or on the links listed under the map. To navigate, you can either come back to this page and click on a different link or section of the map, or go directly to the next group of pictures by clicking the "Next" link.

Lake McDonald    Going-to-the-Sun Road    Johns Lake    Running Eagle Falls    Bowman Lake    Avalanche Lake   

Lake McDonald Area

Lake McDonald is located near the main western entrance (at West Glacier), and is the largest lake in the park. We spent a lot of time taking photographs from the beach at Apgar Village (south end) and from several spots along the southern shore. The areas we were in are outlined by the red triangle in the map. We also took two hikes in the area. The first, called Johns Lake Loop, took us to a small lily-pad covered lake and then looped back around and followed McDonald creek almost to the inlet into Lake McDonald. The area we were in during this hike is outlined in yellow on the map. The second hike, outlined in orange, followed Avalanche Creek southwest of Going-to-the-Sun Road to Avalanche Lake.

Going-to-the-Sun Road

Going-to-the-Sun Road is the main road through Glacier National Park. Its end points are West Glacier and on the eastern edge of the park, St. Mary. It crosses the continental divide at Logan Pass. This road is very narrow and winding in its upper portions, and there is a vehicle length restriction. Jeff's truck is about as long a vehicle as one can take on this road :-). We stopped in many places to take photographs while traveling along Going-to-the-Sun Road - these areas are outlined by the smaller purple triangle on the map.

Two Medicine Area

One day we decided to drive on US 2 around the southern border of the park and ended up in the Two Medicine area (outlined on the map in brown). While there we took a short nature trail to Running Eagle Falls. The lower falls you see in the photograph I took are often hidden in times of greater water flow, by water falling over the top of the cliffs!

Bowman Lake

One of the more remote areas we visited was Bowman Lake (outlined by the large purple triangle in the map) in the northwest part of the park. There were storms passing through on the day we visited, which lightly dusted the moutain tops with snow.