South Dakota and Wyoming Vacation

In July 2003, Jeff and I took a three week vacation to western South Dakota and northern Wyoming. In South Dakota we visited Badlands National Park and the Black Hills. We visited Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks in Wyoming, and on our way there from South Dakota we stopped by Devil's Tower. Following are brief descriptions of our visits.

Badlands National Park

Badlands National park was our first stop after a three day drive from California. On our first full day there we were treated to a fierce thunderstorm, that kept us holed up in the visitors center for a while. After the storm was over we drove along the Badlands Loop Road, viewing and photographing the various rock formations. The next day we took a short hike through some of the formations to a "notch" from which we got a view of the area south of the park.

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Black Hills

The next place we visited was the Black Hills area on the western edge of South Dakota. While there we took tours of Wind Cave and Jewel Cave, saw and photographed lots of wildlife in Custer State Park, and spent a day in Mount Rushmore National Memorial.

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Devils Tower

After staying a week in the Black Hills, we headed west to Yellowstone, and stopped over at Devils Tower National Monument in the northeastern corner of Wyoming. While there we hiked two trails that take one completely around the Tower. We got great views of the Tower, plus we got to watch several rock climbers!

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Yellowstone National Park

We spent the last week of our vacation in Yellowstone National Park. We visited most of the geothermal areas (there sure are a lot of them!), and hiked along the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone river. We also saw lots of wildlife while driving around in the park.

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Grand Teton National Park

On one of our days in Yellowstone, we decided to head south to Grand Teton National Park. We took a hike along the eastern shore of Jackson Lake, and got some terrific views of the high, jagged mountains of the Teton range

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